It's the last round for our team Q and A. Kelli answered the 5 questions that we asked everyone on the team to get to know one another a little better. 

The Grand Opening is tomorrow from 6-8PM - please stop in and see what we've been busy doing!


Celebrity Sighting: Strangely, I’ve met or been in the same room with many, but the best story was Dave Mathews back in the heyday. I was with my sister and friend who knew someone so we could go backstage to a special area. We chatted for a few minutes and as he was leaving, I got a hug and a kiss... well, we all did but it was a highlight - I think my sister still has that photo hanging up somewhere! 

Pen vs Pencil: Pencil, any type works but I do love a mechanical one which goes back to my graphic design days, reaching into the container, I’ll always grab a pencil before a pen.

Guilty Pleasure: Every month when my Town & Country magazine arrives, the first thing I do is open it up to the Stars & Signs section and read my horoscope. It’s now become a thing I look forward to every month - strange but true.

Mountain vs Beach: I know most would think it was the beach (to me, there’s only .0001% difference between the two) but my answer is the mountains. It’s my time to just relax and be one with nature.  A quick getaway for a weekend with my husband is the perfect reset button. We love going to Mirror Lake in the ADK, especially in the fall.  We hike, kayak, sleep and actually eat breakfast (those who know me, know I typically skip this)

Perfect Meal: Ceviche in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Fresh mixed seafood with cilantro - I could eat it all day long with chips!